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About us

Our journey began in 2015

Our young and ambitious company was started in 2015 by likeminded people, who, throughout their long years of active working, gained experience in private sector, national objects and renovation projects. This invaluable experience has enabled us to consult our dear customers on our products based on their wishes and technical parameters. Roofing requires a lot of additional elements, which need to be evaluated accordingly. The most important thing is to not calculate in unnecessary components, which will lay in basement and remind about construction.
Our company does not represent any individual material manufacturer, that’s why we are able to offer and advice you about the best products currently in the market. We have our own manufacturing facilities in which we can process up to 6mm thick tin sheets. Based on your requirements, we will manufacture both standard and unique products made of tin. We offer four rainwater drainage systems, one of which is manufactured by us. We also work with stainless steel, bend, roll pipes, tin sheets, construction profiles roof and wall supports, snow guards, tin fences for houses and more.
Our goal is to ensure that every order is completed with the highest quality – which is the best advertisement for our company – UAB “Skardos sprendimai”.

Most people overvalue what they can achieve in a year, but undervalue what they can achieve in ten years.“– Tony Robbins 

Manufacturing in 24h
Measuring services
Bendings up to 3m
Tested in Lithuania
Products manufactured by us